Register for Open Rounds


Final Round Registration is Now Online!!

As per new guidelines, registration for Final Round Competition and Open Rounds Competition has gone online so that the event can run in a more smooth and organized manner. Online registrations for competition give a discount of Rs.50/- for all winners. This will ensure your participation in the event if you come a bit late and the Registrations Desk at IIT Delhi is closed. If due to any genuine reason, you fail to report for the competition, your "Certificate of Honor" by Tryst-IIT Delhi will be mailed to the postal address provided by you during payment AFTER internal verification of your zonal position.

Introduction to Open Round.

We invite all keen and Robotics enthusiastic students who are willing to participate in RoboTryst 2018 in the open rounds. It doesn't matter whether you have participated in any of our RoboTryst Events, you can directly come register for the open Rounds.

Open Rounds does not have any age limitation, all the enthusiastic Students/Faculties can come and join this Championship, They are most welcome.

Benefits of Online Registrations:-
We are making these sudden changes in the registration format i.e. shifting the on the spot registrations for the finals to Online registrations for the benefits of the participants only,

  1. The first benefit for the participants is that even if they arrive late, or if you have missed the registration day, due to any unfortunate reason by making the online registration for it before hand your team will be secured to participate in the finals.
    As their team will be allotted with a team number which will secure their entry in the championship even if they are arriving late, we will be able to plan and schedule the event according.

  2. We are offering a waiver of Rs 50 per participant on all the online registration of RoboTryst championship.
    Now 1st Position Winners have to register at Rs 350/- Rs 400/- per participant, only applicable for online Registrations  and 2nd, 3rd, 4th position winners and WIP (Wild Card Entry) has to register at Rs 450/-, Rs 500/-per participant. and Rs 600/- per participant for the Open Rounds.

  3. If due to any unfortunate reason you are not able to report at venue i.e. for the RoboTryst championship but you have made the online registration then we will be dispatch your ‘Certificate of Honor’ on your address, After the approval of the authorities of RoboTryst 2018 who will do a internal verification and to check the authenticity of your reason.

    For Example if you have any important examination, coinciding the event dates then you can register for the event online and we will dispatch your participation certificate to you.

  4. Online Registration process will minimize the chaos at the venue and we will be able to conduct this event more efficiently and smoothly, as most of the formalities will be already completed beforehand. Participants will be able to enjoy the event better with no dead line of registration in a day.

  5. By making the online registration you will be getting constant reminders in change or any new updates of the RoboTryst 2018 Championship.

Note* Online Registration fees for the RoboTryst Championship are strictly Non- Refundable.


How it works:-
Follow the Given procedure to Register for the RoboTryst Championship:-

  1.  You will have to register online on our Website.
    a.Follow the link given below:-
    b. Fill in your required details.
    c. After Completion of your registration you will be redirected to “Registration Successful “Page.
    d. You will receive a Message and Email regarding successful registration; it will provide you a Registration Number which will be required for the payment purpose only.

  2. After completing the Registration process next step is to make the payment.
    1. Registration charges will be charged according to the position holders, in which 3% extra bank processing charges will be charged
    2. After completion of the registration process, you will be directed to “Successful Payment” Page.
    3. You will receive a Message and Email regarding Successful Payment; it will provide you a TEAM NUMBER, which will be required at the Time of the competition.

It is advised to report at the competition with your TEAM NUMBER with other documents mentioned below.

The TEAM NUMBER does not specify your turn to participate at the competition; Team Announcements are not necessarily made accordingly.
So if your TEAM NUMBER is at the beginning of the series does not imply that you will be the first performers.


Documents for Registration:-

  • For Entry in open Rounds no certificates are required for registrations.
  • All the Students must have their valid college ids or any other Identity Proof.
  • Every team should have their own Robotic kit to participate in the open rounds.
  • In open rounds there is no restriction on type of the kit or source of the kit. Teams can use any type of kit.