Frequently asked questions

What is Robotryst?
Robotryst is an Annual Technical Workshop Series which is organized by Robosapiens India Publications. in association with Tryst-IIT Delhi. It is being organized for the past 8 years and in the year 2018, RoboTryst 2018 is launching its 9th edition.

When is RoboTryst 2018 scheduled to be held?
RoboTryst 2018 will be organized during Tryst 2018 in  IIT Delhi from 24th February to 26th Feb 2018.

What is Tryst?
Tryst is the Annual Technical festival of IIT-Delhi. Every year it is organized by the end of February or the beginning of March.

Is RoboTryst 2018 open to general public?
RoboTryst 2018 has different events organized in it. Some of the events are for general public and some are only for winners of the zonal rounds. To know about specific details visit the 'Contact Us' page and contact on the details provided.

Who is RoboTryst actually for? Kids? Undergrads? Post Grads? Adults?
RoboTryst has something in it for everyone. It is an event which collaborates everyone removing the age barrier. This is where everyone is considered equal regardless not only of their age but also their gender, color, caste and creed.

Will engineering students be able to participate in the other events?
During RoboTryst, there will be other events as well under the banner of Tryst. Engineering students could participate in numerous other ongoing events over there. There would also be lectures by eminent personalities.

Will I get a Certificate from RoboTryst at IIT-Delhi?
Every participant of RoboTryst 2018 at Tryst 2018, IIT Delhi will get a “Certificate of Honor” after Completion of Workshops.


Do I need to do an online registration?
Yes, you can get registered and pay your registration online to participate in the events of RoboTryst 2018. In case you require hospitality from our side you need to make your corresponding online payment for hospitality from our website

How is Delhi weather? Do I need to carry jacket and quilts?
How is Delhi weather? Do I need to carry jacket and quilts? Well it is advisable to get your winter clothing with you.


How does one get to IIT-Delhi after arriving at Delhi?
From the Airport
IGI Airport is about 10 km from the IIT campus. A pre-paid taxi or a radiotaxi (such as Merucab, Easycab, etc.) can be taken from the airport. Typical fare is about Rs. 400-450 from T3 and about Rs. 300-350 from T1.
A note of caution: Often Delhi weather could be foggy / misty in the mornings and evenings leading to delays in flights. Those using flights to Delhi should keep this in mind and schedule their flights accordingly.
From Railway Stations
The Institute campus is 19 km from Old Delhi Railway Station, 14 km from New Delhi Railway Station and 12 km from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station. Pre-paid auto rickshaws are available at railway stations.
Note: Cab companies operating in Delhi and their numbers are given below. Indian callers have to prefix city code of 011 and international callers have to put country code (091) and city code 011-

Mega Cab : 1929 or 41414141 (
Delhi Cab : 44333222 or 8800-700-133 (
Easy Cab : 43434343 (
Quick Cab: 45333333 (

From Old Delhi and New Delhi stations, the most convenient transport is the Delhi Metro. Take Yellow line of Delhi Metro from Chandni Chowk Metro Station (near Old Delhi Railway Station) or New Delhi Metro Station going towards Huda City Center runs via Hauz Khas Metro Station, which is about 1 km from IIT main gate. From the Metro station one can take an autorickshaw to IIT Campus the typical fare is Rs. 50-60. More information for Delhi Metro is available at And Regarding Metro Route

Will there be hospitality from the organizer's side?
Yes, hospitality is provided by us but it is paid hospitality. Interested participants who want to avail hospitality can make their corresponding payment online from our site

Can I leave and re-enter the fest?
Yes, you can leave and re-enter the festival if you have the ID card provided to you.

Will there be ATM's, Banks, Drug Stores, Mobile Recharge?
Yes. All the amenities are available but you can make arrangements beforehand for these mentioned.

I have a question that was not answered here. What do I do?
You can mail your question at [email protected]

Or call at +91-7065174555 / +91-8744059520

I am willing to come to Tryst 2018, IIT Delhi but my parents want to accompany me. What should I do about their hospitality?
In such case you can contact us on the details mentioned on the contact us page. We will provide hospitality for them as well but charges as mentioned on the and for Registration for Accommodation