ROBOTRYST-2016 Open Round Registration

we are 7th Edition of International Championship with final round on 26th-Feb-2016 to 29th Feb 2016 during TRYST 2016, IIT Delhi


As per new guidelines, registration for Final Round Competition and Open Rounds Competition has gone online so that the event can run in a more smooth and organized manner. Online registrations for competition give a discount of Rs.50/- for all winners. This will ensure your participation in the event if you come a bit late and the Registrations Desk at IIT Delhi is closed. If due to any genuine reason, you fail to report for the competition, your "Certificate of Honor" by Tryst-IIT Delhi will be mailed to the postal address provided by you during payment AFTER internal verification of your zonal position.

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Important Guide Lines

  1. Please fill your Email Id and Registration Id for Registered User Login.
  2. Email Id is same as the time of Registration.
  3. Registration Id is Emailed & SMSed you at the time of User Registration i.e TRYST16WKX/XXXXXX. If you forgot kindly check your sms or email box.